Frostbite Racing for 2014/2015

ONLINE ENTRY OPEN Racing most Sundays in Dublin Bay or in Dun Laoghaire Harbour from 2nd November 2014 to 22nd March 2015. First Gun 1357 hours. Classes will include PY, Laser, RS (200&400), and Fireballs. Entries limited to 120 max on a first come first served basis! ENTRY FEE IS €100 FOR JUNIORS, €150.00 FOR SINGLE-HANDED…


Please be advised that on or about Tuesday 2 September 2014, or as soon thereafter as circumstances permit, the light characters at both Dun Laoghaire Marina West Breakwater and Dun Laoghaire Marina East Breakwater will be altered as noted below. Furthermore these new lights will be synchronised with each other and daymarks will be installed.

The Marina West Breakwater light (A 5877.4) in position
53 18.02 N WGS 84
06 08.15 W WGS 84

will be altered to Fl G 2s
At the same time a Green Cone daymark will be installed.

The Marina East Breakwater light (A 5877.5) in position
53 17.98 N WGS 84
06 08.28 W WGS 84

will be altered to Fl R 2s
At the same time a Red Can daymark will be installed.

No further notice will issued.

DMYC, on behalf of Simon Coate, Harbour Master.


Club BBQ – August 16th

The DMYC Summer BBQ is taking place on Saturday August 16th from 4.30pm onwards. We hope to see as many members as possible, in particular our new members, as well as friends and family and of course our Saturday racers. Everybody is welcome. This is our final chance to get everybody together for a fun…