The Club offers Wi-Fi access to all members and guests.


With all his/her needs provided afloat and alongside, the sailor will find nothing lacking in the facilities of the clubhouse from hot showers to good food and drink and “…a merry yarn with a laughing fellow rover…”!

Food & Drink

After a hard day of working on the boat, or after a good race, a pint and and some hot food is usually on the cards. Our bar is fully stocked with everything from tea and coffee to Guiness and rum.

On Shore

Fuel & Water

Petrol can be obtained at the filling station just across the footbridge, or over at the marina fuel dock. Diesel is available for members’ boats alongside the pontoon, as is fresh water for filling tanks. Power is also available for maintenance needs.

Mast Crane

The Club provides a mast crane for boats that need to install or remove a mast. Please talk to the Slipmaster, Boathouse Captain, or boatman to access the crane, as there may be boats schedule to use the slip for drying out.

Drying Out

By arrangement with the Head Boatman, both non-members and members can put their boats on the slip and dry out between tides for repair, cleaning, anti-fouling etc. This service is free for members, and a service fee is charged to non-members.

Dinghy Park

Dinghy parking, with easy access to the slip, is available to members for the summer sailing season on a seasonal basis. In winter the ‘high level’ park is used by Frostbite competitors, while the area immediately adjacent to the club is used for the winter storage of members’ larger craft.

Boat Lifts

At the beginning and end of each season, a crane is arranged for collective lifting in and out, either off/on to the club’s own park or off/on to trailers for boats stored elsewhere. Lifts are done at the Clubhouse and in the Coal Harbour.

On The Water

Launch Service

A launch service is available to all members on a seasonal fee basis. The launch is staffed by the boatman and club members who volunteer a few hours per week to ensure the service is available.


The club has a number of moorings, in various parts of the harbour, available to it. These are rented to members on a seasonal basis, and are serviced over the winter.

Club Boats

A Wayfarer and a Laser are both kept on the hard, available for use by any member. All loose fittings are in the boat shed, and the Laser has both a 4.7 and a Radial rig available. Use of the dinghies is subject to “you break it, you fix it”, “adult supervision required for children” and a nominal fee to cover general maintenance of the dinghies.