Results are available on Halsail. To go directly to results for a class, use one of the links below.

Series 1 PY Fireball RS Aero ILCA 7 ILCA 6
Series 2 PY Fireball RS Aero ILCA 7 ILCA 6
Overall PY Fireball RS Aero ILCA 7 ILCA 6

HalSail shows the overall results first, and you can scroll down to see the results for individual races. The blue button with the down arrow, just below the DMYC burgee, will bring you directly to the latest race. What you see depends on the width of your screen – on a mobile device, you can use landscape orientation to see more details.

If you have a question about a result, or want to notify us of a change of sail number, please email [email protected]

To request a hearing by the Protest Committee, you can download the Hearing Request Form as a Microsoft Word document, which you can edit directly, or as a pdf document. These forms are also available on paper from the DMYC Race Office. You can deliver a hearing request on paper to the Race Office, or by email to [email protected]