20th December 2020 to 1st January 2021


1.    Introduction

To enable dinghy sailors in the greater Dublin area and beyond to avail of the opportunity sail over the Holiday period, post restrictions and pre potential further restrictions, the DMYC proposes a short, fun training series. Participants are encouraged to participate some, or all days sailing is proposed.

This event relies on the volunteer crews in the RIBs, Committee Boat, and results office.

Fun, enjoyment, and safety are the event priorities.

2.    Rules

The sailing will be under the Sailing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of Irish Sailing, the rules of each class concerned and this Notice of Event except as modified by the Sailing Instructions and any amendments thereto.

3.    Eligibility and Insurance

The series is open to mono-hull dinghies, and at the discretion of the organisers.  All craft must display a sail number.  All participants must be personal members of Irish Sailing or members of an affiliated Category 1 club.  Each entrant must have third‑party insurance cover of not less than €3.0 million. 

4.    Classes and Handicapping

As a minimum, there will be one start for Lasers (all types combined) and one start for all other boats.  If the number of entries is large enough, the fleet will be divided.  The mixed fleet will participate under the Portsmouth Yardstick system.

5.    Location

Sailing will take place inside Dun Laoghaire Harbour.

6.    Schedule and Courses

Sailing will take place on Sunday 20th December, Sunday 27th December, and New Years’ Day 1st January, with the first start at 12:00 local time.  The aim will be to run at least two events each day, but this may be varied depending on weather and other circumstances. 

The courses will be either windward-leeward or a modified Olympic triangle.

7.    Entry and Fees

The online entry form is available at www.dmyc.ie   Entries received up to 20:00 on the day before sailing will be included in the records.

Entry fees are listed below:

Entry typeEntry Fee
Single-handed boat€25
Two-handed boat€40

Note: Should Sailing not be permitted due to Pandemic restrictions, entries will be refunded.

The entry system will be capped at 100 entrants. (first come basis)

8.    Sailing Instructions

Sailing Instructions will be available on the web site (www.dmyc.ie) at least two days before the first event.  Changes to the sailing instructions will also be published on the web site.

9.    Recording

Series recording will be on Appendix A – Section 4 of the RRS (lowest score system). Due to pandemic measures, no prizes will be presented, Series records will be published on the Club Web site and social media. One event will constitute the series.

When more than 4 events are completed, there shall be 1 discard.

10. Ashore

Participants should use waterfront club slipways facilities or the public slipways to launch. There will be no storage facilities available at DMYC for single handed dinghies.

11. COVID-19 Measures

Whilst the DMYC wishes to provide high quality Sailing for the series, we must all be conscious of the current Covid – 19 Guidelines and safety measures. Consequently:

  • Sailing is unlikely to take place if winds are gusting over 18 Kts.
  • Sailing will only be in the Harbour.
  • RIBs will be primarily for mark laying, and crewed by a driver only. Participants should consider their ability and the prevailing conditions before going afloat, to avoid placing themselves and the RIB crew at risk.
  • There will be no facility for social meetings after sailing.
  • Club changing rooms across the waterfront are unlikely to be open
  • Wearing of face masks is encouraged on shore

12. Further Information

Further information shall be available from [email protected] – 083 0600876