Cruising-in-company has now become an established, happy and high profile part of the Club’s activities. On Thursday May 3rd down in the Club I hope that our group of C-in-C members who have taken part in many earlier cruises over the years will have a discussion covering topics like the best cruises, crew shortages and the weather. It will I hope open up a ray of sunlight on what has been – and continues to be – a long winter. Then let’s plan for the first DMYC cruises-in-company to the usual start-up destinations to Greystones, Howth and Malahide and the like.

Weather permitting – it’s always weather permitting – we can expand these to Carlingford, Ardglass or Peel, Isle of Man. We shouldn’t forget to include the short day-long trips with occasional stops off at Sorrento Point and the like – much favoured by Captain Kennedy and his regulars!


St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean – but there are nearer places just as good.


In coming up with suggestions we need also to take into consideration the cruises currently planned by the Cruising Association of Ireland (CAI) for this year. A number of us are already members. The annual subscription is only €30 and it’s great value. Their next event is the Malahide Muster on 26 May.  Their main event for the summer is the two-week cruise planned to the Caels of Bute up the Clyde, which they plan to start; departing from Bangor on 14th July next.

Then there are the activities opening up through our twinning with the Poolbeg. Their ‘Blessing of the Boats’ ceremony which takes place on May 13th. There are also the activities of nearby clubs with which we have links such as the Bray Sailing Club and its traditional Whit Weekend cruise to Caernarvon on the Menai. All in all when our own plans – based on a short cruise about every three weeks but expanding in distance as we come to mid-Summer are included with these – this makes for a fairly tight programme – and with allowance for good weather!

In all cases with the exception of the Poolbeg event the timings are approximate pending a detailed consideration of the tide and wind directions, long-term forecasts etc.

Finally, I would like to draw the attention of members to participate with their boats or as crew for any of these events. There is a list hanging in the bar for Skippers and crew members to sign up indicating their interest. New skippers and crew members are always most welcome and no previous experience is required. Crews on previous cruises can I’m sure vouch for a happy and often exciting cruising experiences with fellow members of the DMYC.


All are most welcome.

Liam Owens