Lift-in for 2016 will happen at the Club on Saturday 9th April, and at the Coal Harbour on Sunday 10th April.

Saturday 9th April (H.W. 13:38 Hrs)

Crane Set-up 1: Boathouse end at 08:00 hrs
(hard standing and trail-able boats under 4 ton)

Crane Set-up 2: Clubhouse end at 11:00 hrs
(remainder of hard standing boats)

Note: Trail-able boats are not to arrive on west pier until the crane is in position. Trail-able boats will be lifted between 09:15 Hrs and 10:30 Hrs and must have their masts down because of the telephone wire at the clubhouse. Boats are to be reversed adjacent to the railings as directed. Trailers are to be removed immediately after lift-in.

Sunday 10th April (H.W. 14:27 Hrs)

Crane Set-up: Coal Harbour Slip at 09:00 hrs
(hard standing and remainder of trail-able boats)

Lift Order will be posted in advance.