The New Year

Firstly let me wish all members and families a very happy peaceful and prosperous new year. We have plenty of plans for 2015 in particular because it celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the DMYC. Those brave souls 50 years ago put a mark in the sand (so to speak) of the ethos and style for a sailing and motor club that had not been seen in Ireland before. We hope in 2015 to live up to the vision of those founding members, a number of whom are still very active members of the DMYC. A calendar of events including monthly themed DMYC suppers, music sessions (see below) etc. will be put up on the club website and regular updates will also be sent out not only to our members but also to the surrounding clubs and organisations. We look forward to you your support and active participation throughout the upcoming anniversary year.

New Year’s Eve Party

We started the year with a New Years’ Eve party attended by members and their guests; the food was great, the club looked its best, the organisation was superb and everybody had a great time. It was a great way to bring in the new year reminiscent of many a New Year’s Eve Party in the past (more of which below). The night would not have been a success without the volunteers organised and directed by John McAree. John had a great crew who put in a lot of work (see the web site for sample photographs) and the attention to detail was magnificent. It really raised the bar for any future club events. The superb dinner was supplied by Fiona assisted by Karin and Orla, and as ever, Carlus was great behind the bar. The spot prizes for the Table Quiz added to the fun as did the raffle prizes; many thanks go to Pat and Gren Carolan for their prize and to Dominic Sheehan for his. We thank you all and look forward to the next one.


The Christmas Season

Santa duly arrived courtesy of the RNLI on a bright brisk sunny day (as it always seems to be). Santa’s Grotto was beautifully put together by Richard and crew and included Joe’s very comfortable chair (which is nearly as old as Santa!). Face painting and presents were the order of the day and the jolly old man had a ball himself(!). Some of the children were shy others not so and their singing was a delight.


No sooner was Christmas over but the Frostbites started up for the second series. This unique series of dinghy races has been hosted and run from the DMYC for the past 44 years. We hope that many of our new members will give it a go.


The 50th Anniversary of the DMYC

As I said above and in earlier Newsletters 2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of the DMYC.

As part of the celebrations we will publish a “year” book containing stories, photographs, records and historical notes of the first 50 years of the “DM”. On the last Thursday before Christmas we had no formal talk but in response to a request many members brought down photographs and paper clippings of past events and even told stories (some of which we can print). We hope to have another similar session in the coming weeks and get the information to our editor Frank Speirs for inclusion (as appropriate!) in the book.

Our music sessions are scheduled to start up on the last Saturday in January in the small bar at 8.30pm, so bring your voice or just come and enjoy the craic.

The Clubhouse

As many of you know the clubhouse was originally built in 1964/5 and extended in 1984/5. Because of its age we are in the process of continual maintenance, renovation and upgrading of the facilities we use on a daily basis. To keep our costs down there are a number of members who continually volunteer their time and expertise in carrying out these works. We are putting together a “jobs jar” and could do with your help. If you have any expertise in electrics, plumbing, painting etc or just want to help, we would welcome your time. Please contact the office with your details. Thank you in advance.

Winter Talks

Our Winter Talks will resume on January 15th, with Stuart Andrews talking to us about his impressions from deep wreck diving around Ireland. A full schedule will be available on the Club website, and all members and their guests are welcome. Talks start at 8 PM sharp every Thursday, and the bar will be open for light refreshments.

Club Rooms and Merchandise

Lastly, just a gentle reminder that if you have a function you would like to run please don’t be afraid to mention it to Karin, Carlus, John Govan or any of the committee. Catering can be arranged if required – just ask!

As I have said before we now have a full range of DMYC branded clothes: sailing jackets, sleeveless jackets, casual jackets, fleeces, T-shirts, hats etc. all at reasonable prices – just ask Karin. It would be great to see more people sporting our logo on a regular basis.

That is all for now – if you have any queries, suggestions or just want to have a chat please contact me.


Best Wishes
Kevin Burke