Five DMYC boats went out for an outing to Greystones over the weekend of May 16th. In my boat, Iona, none of the three of us will see sixty – or even I suppose sixty five again. Then Brian and Rosemary Welsh went ahead to show us the way! The real class came down to Duncan sailing Aslana single-handed, and Dermot and John coming up from behind with everything up.

The wind was westerly Force 5 and gusting up to 7. In Iona we unfurled the jib and reckoned it was enough to allow us sit back and enjoy our sambos. We watched fascinated as the other two boats, risking broaches and all sorts of possible shenanigans slowly caught up with us. Top laurels go to Duncan who showed us how to broach – and recover – without losing a boat length (and furl some of his genoa while doing so). David and Adrian came along later in Seo na Mara.

In Greystones, Bernard Gallagher made us most welcome with a discount. We were he said the first to use the electrical connections on his new pontoon extension. There were several boats from Howth and Bray on the marina.

We ate in the Beach House, having a good conversation, and then moved on to Greystones Sailing Club. It’s nearing the last stretch for the old clubhouse. They move to a brand new premises beside the new main slip sometime in the new year. Construction has already begun. George Castle advised that as an early member he had invested 20 old pounds to build the present clubhouse. George reflects a great continuity… We were warmly received by Simon Harriett, a former commodore, and his fellow members.

We decamped ended the evening singing and reciting in New Moon. David is a maestro. He sings well ‘in tenor or bass’. There was a slight technical mishap when one of his guitar strings broke. But with a small change of repertoire that was soon compensated for.
Greystones is a great destination. We’ll go there again.
— Liam Owens, Cruise-in-Company master